Jamie Hopkins on “Stacking Benjamins”

Whether you’ve never purchased a home before or just don’t know much about the process, we’ve got a treat for you today. We’re going to dive into everything mortgages 101 today, like PMI, the negotiability of fees, and the lie that everyone quoting rates is telling (those rates “might not be what you think they’d be.”) On today’s show we welcome the guy who’s teaching us everything millennials need to know about mortgages, Jeff VanNote.

During our headlines segment, we’ll start with one piece detailing how Americans would spend a life changing sum of money. Do you know how you would spend yours? In our second headline, we talk to head of retirement research from Carson Wealth, professor Jamie Hopkins. Could you be on the hook for your parents’ long term care? Plus, in a special third headline, one Florida man received a $980,000 tax refund. Before you start asking how you can cash in like he did, you’ll want to find out the rest of that story.

Later on we’ll field a Haven Life Line call from Michael, who has $5,000 in savings. He’s put in about $500 into Acorns so far to start investing, but should he be doing more? And in our letter segment, Allen tells us how he’s been socking away $100 per month since his daughter has been born. She’s going off to college in a couple of years, and Allen wants to keep socking away $100 for her in a Roth IRA once she graduates. Where’s the best place to start the account?